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Short Message Service will be 20 years old on December
‘To celebrate the 20th anniversary of what we, at clickSUMO, consider the most popular App ever invented – the SMS – the team has decided to interview the man, who 20 years ago, changed entirely the way billions of people now communicate…’

What is a Social Media Associate
Want to be one? GrubHub gives us an idea of what it is here

‘…a candidate who can consistently create engaging content, manage large active communities, and identify new platforms to build a GrubHub presence and engage diners.
‘You have 3 years of digital/social media communications experience Bachelors Degree in Marketing, Advertising or Communications required…’

Why You Don’t Need LinkedIn Endorsements
Would you believe Peter Cochrane got endorsed up to five times a day without asking for any endorsement? Why endorse someone who doesn’t need endorsing and snub others who…

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