Recently, Google updated the comment system on YouTube and allowed users to use their Google+ profile ID in place of a generic YouTube ID to appear next to their comments. Now they have done something similar for the Google Play.

Now when you try to leave a review on Google Play, it will tell you that your reviews will appear under your Google+ profile ID. Unlike with YouTube, however, you don’t really get any say in the matter.

Once you leave a review, you will see it at the top of other reviews with your Google+ ID next to it. You also get a link to the review that you can share with others. You can then edit it, delete it or tweet it (no Facebook sharing option). Interestingly, it does not get automatically posted on Google+, which I thought was the whole point of this.

Meanwhile, your previous reviews will appear as posted by ‘A Google User’. This, for the time being, also includes reviews posted by the Google Play app on Android as this new feature isn’t available on mobile yet.