Microsoft has released the app for Android. It is, as you would expect, an email client for your Outlook (previous Hotmail) account. What you wouldn’t expect is just how badly made this app from Microsoft is.

Just looking at the screenshots above you can see what is wrong with the app. It looks like it went into development when Gingerbread came out and since then no one told Microsoft about ICS and Jelly Bean. This is confounding as other recent apps from Microsoft, such as OneNote Mobile and SkyDrive are actually pretty good.

Functionality-wise, the app is fine, but then, so is the stock mail client in Android. It even supports push mail, which leaves you with the question, why would you ever download this atrocity from Microsoft?

Update: Technically the app is developed by Seven Networks on behalf of Microsoft but it still has Microsoft’s stamp of approval on it so they are just as responsible for this terrible app.