The beautiful aluminum body of the iPhone 5 is a scratch magnet and there’s no denying that. However, how bad exactly does Apple’s latest smartphone look after two months of use?

Gizmodo’s Sam Biddle compares two black iPhone 5s – one used with a case, and the other not.

The caseless iPhone 5 has been tossed around in pockets, bags and wasn’t over-protectively handled, while the other was meticulously taken care of. Here are some of the photos of the worn out device.

It suddenly strikes me that the iPhone 5 is the smartphone equivalent of Lindsay Lohan. It’s beautiful, elegant and slim when it was fresh, but two months after its birth, it’s scratched, scuffed and not quite pleasant to look at. For Lindsay Lohan that’d be 2 months after she started taking drugs.

Putting a protective cover certainly helps the iPhone 5 aging, but then you’d be losing the slim waistline and the great feel from day one, so we are not really sure it’s worth it.

Anyway, you can check out the source link below for more comparison photos.