Sony has used its official Twitter account about to shed some light on the upcoming Jelly Bean updates for its smartphone lineup. The company revealed that it will be announcing the detailed schedule in mid-December.

@UsmanSyedMahmud Hey, thanks for stopping by – we’ll be back with more detailed timings and info on this by mid-December.Wed Nov 21 14:48:27 via webSony Xperia News

Sony already announced which phones will be updated to Jelly Bean – the Xperia T, TX, V, S, acro S, ion, P, go and J. All of these were released within 2012. There will be no Jelly Bean treatment for the 2011 phones.

We also already know that the Xperia T, TX and V will get the update in mid-Q1 2013, which is February around the time the MWC kicks off.

This means Sony will give us release dates (or weeks) for the rest of the Xperia 2012 gang in mid-December. It’s also then that we’ll learn the fate of the Xperia sola, U, miro, go, tipo and the neo L.

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