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Samsung is now seeding the Android 4.1.2 update for the Galaxy S III. The update brings the new Multi-View multitasking interface, system apps, controls, settings and more.

Samsung has just started seeding the Android 4.1.2 update for the Galaxy S III. It’s available over-the-air and the first country to get it is Poland. Other countries should join the roll out very soon, though.

The update brings lots of new features to the Galaxy S III, which were introduced with the Galaxy Note IIphablet. Here is the complete changelog:

  • Android version 4.1.2
  • Multi-View
  • Page Buddy
  • New Gallery App (Same as in Note II)
  • Notification Panel (Notification Panel can now be customized)
  • Brightness Slider in Notification Panel Can Now Be Disabled
  • Smart Rotation (Screen Display adjusts to your angle of sightings)
  • Paper Artist App
  • Group Cast App

The continuous input claimed to come with the 4.1.2 version actually was available within the original 4.1.1 update.

The Galaxy 2 10.1 Wi-Fi slate is also getting some Jelly Bean treatment today. Samsung has started the update process for the Ice Cream Sandwich-running slate and if you live in the United Kingdom you can update your device over-the-air or via Kies.

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For a seventh consecutive month, the Samsung Galaxy S III is the most popular smartphone in the United Kingdom. The data compiled by uSwitch is based on live searches, pre-orders, as well as postpaid sales.

Curiously, Apple’s current smartphone flagship is not even second. The iPhone 5 is outperformed by its predecessor, whose lower price and improved contract offers helped it remain appealing. The Samsung Galaxy S II completes the quartet at the top.

The rest of the top ten smartphones is entirely an Android party. It includes the Google Nexus 4, who entered the rankings a solid fifth. The second half of the top ten includes the Samsung Galaxy Ace,Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Sony Xperia U, HTC One X, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.

With the Christmas shopping season picking up steam, it will be curious to see whether or not the Galaxy S III will retain its bestselling crown. Apple’s iPhone 5 is said to be quickly gaining ground due to price drops, so it will be an interesting race to watch in a lucrative market.

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xA new method of circumventing the carrier SIM restriction on Samsung Galaxy S III’s and Galaxy Note II’s has been uncovered.

All you have to do is enter a code from your devices’ menu; there’s no need to send information to a website, pay anything or wait for an unlock code.

Note that this method may not work for all Galaxy S III or Note II variants. Also keep in mind that this could void your warranty, so proceed at your own risk. Here are the steps you need to take:

1) Insert the desired SIM card you want to use unlocked into your device, and restart the phone.

2) Enter the code *#197328640# into the keypad and press send.

3) Go to Main Menu -> [1] UMTS -> [1] Debug Screen -> [8] Phone Control -> [6] Network Lock -> Options [3] Perso SHA256 OFF (after choosing this option, wait for at least 30 seconds)

4) Go back one step by pressing the Menu button, select back, which should bring you to [6] Network Lock, then choose [4] NW Lock NV Data INITIALLIZ.

If you followed the above steps correctly, your device should now work with the new SIM card!

Let us know if the above method worked for you, and on what device.

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Samsung previous released a couple of flip covers for the Galaxy Note II and the S III, where you had to replace the back cover with the case that also acted as a back cover and had a flap to protect the display. The problem with them was that the back cover was the same glossy material as the standard cover and was just as easy to scratch.

Enter these new protective flip covers. Available for both the Note II and the S III, these new covers feature a soft touch material for both the front as well as the back so you don’t have to worry about scratches any more. These new flip covers are available in multiple color options and Samsung will even give you a discount if you buy them in bulk.

The flip covers for the Note II and the S III will cost you $39.99 apiece from Samsung’s website, or you can get two for $49.99. If you’re feeling particularly extravagant, you can get four for $99.99. Head over to samsung.com and into the mobile accessories section to check them out.

We enjoy putting phones through their paces in our office, but as a manufacturer, Samsung too subjects its phones to a host of reliability tests before launching them on the market. And it’s a different type of tests, mind you. A Samsung made video gives you a rare glimpse behind the curtains of their test facilities.

It’s a video ad, that’s alright, but none of these tests seems staged. I’m sure most (if not all) Samsung phones go through stringent testing procedures like these (even employing the help of “I sat on my phone” buttocks dummy). Key press tests, USB socket rigidness, twisting and flexing, abrasive action by vibrating foreign objects, and even rain – it’s all there.

Here’s the video itself, and while it’s all in Korean, it’s pretty self-explanatory and hardly needs a translation.

Tip: the real action starts from 0:52. From 2:50 onwards another Samsung phone gets sprayed with water. It’s hard to tell which one, but I’d guess it’s the Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro for US AT&T.

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At the beginning of November Samsung announced they’ve sold more than 3 million Galaxy Note IIphablets and now, merely a couple of weeks later, we get word that this number has grown to north of 5 million.

It took the Galaxy Note II just two months to achieve this impressive milestone. Part of the device’s success is due to its wide availability, as Samsung has made the Note II available in 128 countries. Nevertheless, 5 million units in just 2 months is mightily impressive.

In comparison, it took the original Galaxy Note 5 months to reach the 5 million sold units mark.

The company’s flagship, the Galaxy S III, is selling like hot cakes as well and recently hit 30 million shipped units since its launch back in May.

Samsung had recently halted the roll out of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S III in India after starting it earlier this month. But now the company has resumed rolling out the update, which is available using the Samsung Kies software.

The update had begun rolling out, and many were not able to receive it over-the-air (OTA). We have been trying to update the device OTA, but we keep receiving an error message, “Access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later.”

However, the update is available through the Kies software, and its file size is 310MB. It appears as if one would have to wait for a while to update the handset through the over-the-air update. To update the firmware, all that the users of the S III need to do is head over to the phone’s settings and check if it is available.

Those who have managed to update their handsets have stated that it is bug free. Do let us know if the update is available, and if it is bug free. Also, let us also know in your comments if you are noticing any changes such as improvements or delineation of the battery life. Android 4.1 builds on top of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). This operating system is designed to make everything smoother, faster, and more fluid.

Samsung has gradually become a one-stop-shop for Android smartphones, with devices available in almost every conceivable variety for almost any budget. It’s no real shocker that it is the number one smartphone manufacturer globally, and will likely continue to hold the lion’s share of the pie for some time to come.

UBS financial analytics estimate that some 61.5 million units will be sold in the final 3 month period of 2012. This will mark the first time a manufacturer ships more than 60 million units in a single quarter, but is hardly surprising given that Samsung shipped some 57 million handsets in Q3.

Sales of the Galaxy S III and Note II are expected to lead the way in sales, with the S III having shipped some 5.5 million units in October alone.

Samsung’s lesser-known devices, like the WP8-running Ativ S, and its Bada lineup, are not expected to have a significant impact on sales figures.