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The new iPad and iPad mini, announced in Q3 of this year, haven’t even launched in China but Apple is still dominating the tablet market there. According to the statistics every 3 out of 4 tablets sold there as being made by Apple.

This bodes well for Apple in China – particularly for its tablet division – where year-on-year sales of tablets have increased by more than 60%.

This is coupled with the fact that since Q2, the quarterly growth of the tablet market has gone up by 11%.

Second place is occupied by China’s own Lenovo at just over 10%, with no other manufacturer grabbing more than 4% of the pie.

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The Apple iPad share in the tablet market in Q3 has remained flat at 55%. That’s more than half of the entire segment, which is a pretty great achievement.

However Android now covers 44% of the tablet shipments in Q3, which means the open-source OS is gaining speed faster than previously projected.

Some analysts, like Gartner, expect the iPad to hold a 47% market share in 2015, meaning it will likely be overtaken by Android in 2016. But others, like Sameer Singh – analyst with Finvista Advisors, thinks the iPad could lose its dominance as early as next year.

The fast increase is helped by devices like the Nexus 7, which alone has been selling about a million units a month, amounting to an expectation of about 5 million until the end of the year. The Kindle Fire HD is also a huge success with its super attractive pricing.

But perhaps the iPad mini could retain precious market share for Apple’s team at least next for year. Time will tell, we guess.

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