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When Nokia released its TV spot showing off the image stabilization of the Lumia 920, it got into a bit of trouble because it turned out the video wasn’t shot on a Lumia 920 at all.

Now that it’s on the market, some Lumia enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to recreate the original ad, this time with the smartphone itself.

According to Nokia, the Lumia 920′s optical image stabilization is unparalleled in its ability to reduce shakiness and make your videos look smooth.

Here’s how the device performs in this real life:

And, in light of Nokia’s debacle, the guys have included a making-of video:



We enjoy putting phones through their paces in our office, but as a manufacturer, Samsung too subjects its phones to a host of reliability tests before launching them on the market. And it’s a different type of tests, mind you. A Samsung made video gives you a rare glimpse behind the curtains of their test facilities.

It’s a video ad, that’s alright, but none of these tests seems staged. I’m sure most (if not all) Samsung phones go through stringent testing procedures like these (even employing the help of “I sat on my phone” buttocks dummy). Key press tests, USB socket rigidness, twisting and flexing, abrasive action by vibrating foreign objects, and even rain – it’s all there.

Here’s the video itself, and while it’s all in Korean, it’s pretty self-explanatory and hardly needs a translation.

Tip: the real action starts from 0:52. From 2:50 onwards another Samsung phone gets sprayed with water. It’s hard to tell which one, but I’d guess it’s the Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro for US AT&T.

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In late October at an event in China, Huawei announced its first phablet – the Ascend D2. At the time Huawei stayed mum on some of the key specs of the device. Thankfully, GLBenchmark comes to save the day, confirming the chipset and screen specs of the device.

At the front the Ascend D2 features a 5-inch LCD display of FullHD (1920×1080 pixels) resolution, matching the screen of the HTC DROID DNA (and the upcoming rumored Lenovo and LG F240smartphones).

Unlike the Ascend D1, which Huawei stuffed with a dual-core TI OMAP 4460 chip, the Ascend D2 is powered by a quad-core chip operating at 1.5GHz.

Presumably, that’s the company’s home-brewed K3V2 -the chipset powering the Huawei Ascend D quad. The Huawei custom designed chip turned out to be quite hard to manufacture, though and caused several delays in the availability of the D quad, which was announced back at the MWC in February. Hopefully, Huawei will have resolved all issues with the production by January 2013, when the Ascend D2 is expected to debut.

GLBenchmark reports the Ascend D2 is running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with Huawei’s Emotion UI on top. There’s also a very high chance of an update to Android 4.2 coming shortly after the official launch.

According to a tipster of ours, the Huawei Ascend D2 is going to also be dust and water-proof and is going to sport a 13MP snapper at the back. Additionally, he suggests the phablet is going to be powered by a quite beefy 2920mAh battery. Take this with a pinch of salt, however, since Huawei hasn’t confirmed any of it officially.

Pricing and availability are still anyone’s guess. Huawei is known for its competitive pricing, but the Chinese tend to take their time bringing their smartphones to the market.

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At the beginning of November Samsung announced they’ve sold more than 3 million Galaxy Note IIphablets and now, merely a couple of weeks later, we get word that this number has grown to north of 5 million.

It took the Galaxy Note II just two months to achieve this impressive milestone. Part of the device’s success is due to its wide availability, as Samsung has made the Note II available in 128 countries. Nevertheless, 5 million units in just 2 months is mightily impressive.

In comparison, it took the original Galaxy Note 5 months to reach the 5 million sold units mark.

The company’s flagship, the Galaxy S III, is selling like hot cakes as well and recently hit 30 million shipped units since its launch back in May.

Windows Phone 8

It looks like the holiday season is coming off to a great start with Black Friday deals, and with Cyber Monday and the holiday season coming up, shoppers want to know which of these three popular phones should they get: Nokia Lumia 920, Apple iPhone 5, HTC Windows Phone 8X.

The iPhone 5 comes in with 16GB or 32GB for $199 or $299 in black, and 64GB for $399 for the white version. It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology with a 4-inch widescreen Multi-Touch Retina display with 1136 x 640 pixel resolution at 326 ppi. It has an 8 MP iSight camera with 1080p HD video, FaceTime HD camera with 1.2MP photos and LED flash. It has up to 8 hours talk time and up to 10 hours Internet use via Wi-Fi.

The HTC Phone 8X runs on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 and features a Qualcomm S4 1.5 Ghz dual-core processor with 16GB storage and 1GB RAM. It has a 4.3-inch super LCD 2 touch screen with 1280 x 720 resolution with HD 720p resolution Gorilla Glass 2. It has an 8-megapixel camera with a dedicated HTC ImageChip and a 1800 mAh battery and 2.1 MP front-facing camera. It also comes with Beats Audio built-in. It comes in various colorful designs. It is priced at $100 for the 8GB model available in blue and yellow with AT&T and the 16GB is $200 only in blue.

The Lumia 920 also runs on Microsoft Windows Phone 8. It takes many of the physical design elements from previous generations of Lumia handsets, but improves on internal hardware and display technology. Some of the new tech specs include PureMotion HD+ 4.5 inch display (1280 x 768 resolution), Dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, NFC chip with 332ppi and Corning Gorilla Glass 2, 2,000mAh battery, and Qi wireless charging. It has an 8.7 megapixel PureView camera with Carl Zeiss lens. It has rounded edges and comes in colors black, cyan, red, white, and yellow. The 32GB version sells for $99 with an AT&T two-year contract.


Chris Weber, marketing head of Nokia, said that what makes the Lumia 920 stand out is its five distinct areas: Imaging, wiresless charging, screen, location and music, according to PCMag, which he refers to as the “Nokia secret sauce.”

Compared to HTC’s Phone 8X, the Lumia 920 took brighter low-light images than the 8X. Also, the Nokia maps app has a better global mapping database, while the 8X could not find much restaurants in Spain or Canada.

In a spec comparison by Digital Spy with just the Windows 8 smartphones, the Lumia 920 “is a much heftier handset than the HTC Windows Phone 8X” with better features: “The camera set-up is superior; the display is bigger and better (with sensitive touch included); and wireless charging is a decent addition.”

In terms of talk time, the Lumia 920 wins because it promises 9 hours of talk time while the iPhone 5 and 8X say only 8 hours. And who wouldn’t want to have more time to talk to their family and friends?

In a comparison by Auto-o-Mobile with the iPhone 5 vs Lumia 920, the 920 has a better resolution and larger display with also a better front camera than the iPhone 5, with the rear-camera being the best for low-light conditions. The Lumia 920’s battery also wins with a 2,000 mAh battery vs iPhone 5’s 1,440 mAh battery. The Nokia phone is also cheaper.

However the iPhone 5 wins when it comes to operating systems. Although it could be a personal choice, consumers want more apps on their smartphones, and Apple provides it. With iOS 6, the App store has over 700,000 apps for the iPhone 5. Also, the iPhone 5 has more storage options, while the Lumia 920 has only one.

In a camera comparison by CNET, the report said that while the Lumia 920 had strong photo quality and the HTC’s camera took “some pretty nice photos,” the iPhone 5 retained the most consistent although it won some and lost some, but it’s better to see for yourself.

File photo shows participants at Google Android stand at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, on 17 Feb, 2011.
APFile photo shows participants at Google Android stand at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, on 17 Feb, 2011.

Almost three out of four of smartphones around the world are now running the Android mobile operating system, a new report has said.

According to IT market research firm Gartner, Google’s mobile OS now has a 72.4 per cent share of the market for mobile operating systems, a massive increase from the 52.5 per cent it held a year ago.

Samsung’s wildly popular smartphones accounted for a big portion of that gain, with the South Korean tech giant shipping 55 million units, the majority of which run on Android, theDaily Mail reports.

According to the survey, Apple, whose devices run on its own proprietary iOS software, sold around 23.5 million phones over the same period, the third quarter of 2012.

That was up from 17.3 million a year ago, but the rise was not enough to stop the market share of the Silicon Valley company’s operating system slipping from 15 per cent to 13.9 per cent, the paper said.

According to the paper, the survey said the fall in Apple’s market share could have been a result of users around the world waiting for the release of the iPhone 5 in their countries.

“With the launch of iPhone 5, Gartner analysts expect iOS share will grow strongly in the fourth quarter of 2012 because users held on to their replacements in many markets ahead of the iPhone 5 wider roll out,” the firm added.

A new era of Windows Phone is finally upon us, and HTC is leading the pack with their flagship smartphone: the Windows Phone 8X. Designed to be more compact than the Lumia 920 but equally high-end, the 8X introduces a different yet compelling style to HTC’s lineup of devices. We couldn’t resist going hands-on.

It’s not just about the exterior either, because for the first time manufacturers of Windows Phones can actually introduce hardware that’s relevant in the modern and ever-changing phone market. The HTC 8X includes a 720p display and a Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor, which finally allows it to compete on-paper with the latest Android behemoths and deliver high-quality components to consumers.


Internally, the Windows Phone 8X shares a lot of things in common with the One XL: there’s a 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipset with 1 GB of RAM; 8 megapixel rear camera with ImageChip technology, f/2.0 lens and BSI sensor; NFC and LTE (in some models). Also, the 4.3-inch Super LCD 2 display at 1280 x 720 is very similar to the 4.7-inch version in the One XL.

Yet while many things are similar, many things are different as well. we don’t fully understand why there’s only Bluetooth 3.1 in the HTC 8X when the One XL gets the newer Bluetooth 4.0, and a more pressing issue is why the maximum available storage is 16 GB with no microSD card slot. On the better side, the 8X receives a 2.1 MP front-facing camera with an ultra-wide angle lens which makes quite a difference.

On the lookout for a new Android tablet to add to your collection? If you are, you might be pleased to know that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 launched at Verizon today, complete with 4G LTEcapabilities. 4G LTE is going to be the major selling point of the Verizon Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, since everything else about the slate will be mostly the same.

Of course, it will also come with a few Verizon apps pre-installed, but other than those and 4G LTE capabilities, you’re getting the same tablet we reviewed earlier this year. That means you get a 1280×800 10.1-inch screen, a dual-core TI OMAP 4 processor clocked at 1.0GHz, 1GB of RAM, and Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box. You’ve also got 16GB of internal storage at your disposal, but that can be expanded through the use of the microSD slot the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 comes equipped with.

So no, you’re not getting the most powerful tablet in the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, but it should still be able to get the job done. That being said, don’t expect it to be all that cheap – Verizon is offering it at $499. That price, when coupled with the less-than-stellar hardware, might prove to be a deterrent for some folks, but we have a feeling that there are some out there who have had their eye on a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 nonetheless.

You can also opt to sign up for Verizon’s Share Everything plan when you buy a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, and you’ll need to sign up for some kind of data plan if you want to take advantage of that 4G LTE functionality. Verizon opened up pre-orders for the device today, and said that it will begin shipping the devices on November 26 (next Monday). Are you planning to pick up a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 from Verizon?

South Korean consumer electronics major LG has officially announced the launch of the Optimus L9 smartphone in the Indian market.

The LG Optimus L9 is a mid-range Android smartphone, priced at Rs 22,000 and hence competes with the likes of Samsung Galaxy SII and HTC One S.

The new Optimus L-series smartphone features a 4.7-inch IPS panel touchscreen display and packs a dual-core mobile processor. In the Optimus L9, LG has introduced a new user interface — Innovote UX, which has the QTranslator feature that can perform simple scan to translate function for about 64 user languages and 44 foreign languages.

The LG L9 houses a 1 GHz dual-core mobile processor with 1 GB RAM that run on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. At the back lies a 5 megapixel camera with LED Flash and auto focus. Also there is a VGA camera in the front for video calls.

For longer run time, LG has packed 2150 mAh SiO+ batteries, which are improved version of standard lithium ion batteries that promise better performance than standard batteries.

it’s high time to scour the Apple iOS AppStore and bring you the best deals this week. I have the honor of taking you through the titles that had their prices slashed today or a day or two ago.

The links I’ve prepared point to the online version of the US AppStore, but usually you can find the same app in your own regional stores at (relatively) the same discount. Ok, let’s not waste any more time and get to the lists.

These are the most recent discounts in the AppStore.


Now Gameloft and EA Games are running their own Thanksgiving sales this week. These got a lot of press so you probably already know about their discounted titles, but just for the sake of completeness, I’ll add them here as well.

EA Games has more than 60 games on sale, but they count Android games too.

Anyway, the most popular discounted iOS titles include:
$0.99 – Plants vs. Zombies
$4.99 – Need For Speed: Most Wanted
$0.99 – Dead Space
$2.99 – FIFA 13
$0.99 – Monopoly Millionaire
$0.99 – Need for Speed: Undercover
$0.99 – Real Racing 2
$0.99 – MASS EFFECT: Infiltrator
$0.99 – RISK

Some discounted iPad only titles are:
$0.99 – Plants vs. Zombies HD
$0.99 – Mirror’s Edge
$0.99 – Real Racing 2 HD
$0.99 – SimCity Deluxe
$0.99 – Ultimate Mortal Combat 3
$0.99 – MONOPOLY
$0.99 – SHIFT 2 Unleashed
$0.99 – BATTLEFIELD: Bad Company 2
$0.99 – The Game of Life

Check the full list of EA GAMES discounts here.

Gameloft has the following games on tap for $0.99 each:
$0.99 – BackStab
$0.99 – The Amazing Spider-Man
$0.99 – Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
$0.99 – Tom Clancy’s Rainbox Six: Shadow Vanguard

Some other discounted games I’ve found are:
$2.99 – Infinity Blade II
$0.99 – Shadowgun
$0.99 – Carmaggedon
$0.99 – Avengers Initiative
$0.00 – Asphalt 7 – this one has been set as free the whole week
$0.99 – Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile

Camera apps

$1.99 – Filterstorm
$0.99 – Hipstamatic

GPS navigation

$24.99 – Garmin U.S.A. – only today
$24.99 – NAVIGON USA by Garmin – only today
$14.99 – Sygic US: GPS Navigation – only this weekend
$33.99 – Sygic Europe: GPS Navigation – only this weekend

Misc apps

$0.99 – Toodledo – To Do List
$2.99 – IM+ Pro

I cannot claim that I’ve spotted them all, so forgive me if I’ve missed something and feel free to add the missing things in the comments below. Another point I have to make is that these price discounts are certainly not the last this year. Traditionally, many app developers have substantial sales around Christmas so if you can’t purchase the apps you’d like right now, not all is lost.